Ndadaye, Melchior

Ndadaye, Melchior
▪ 1994

      Burundian banker and politician (b. March 28, 1953, Nyabihanga, Muramvya, Burundi—d. Oct. 21, 1993, Near Bujumbura, Burundi), became Burundi's president and the first member of the Hutu ethnic majority to rule after his Front for Democracy in Burundi (Frodebu) and two allied parties won two-thirds of the seats in the National Assembly in June 1993 elections. His triumph in the country's first free elections after 26 years of military rule marked the end of centuries of domination of the Hutu by the Tutsi, who initially accepted their historic defeat. Ndadaye, a banking executive, spent many years in exile in neighbouring Rwanda after the massacre of some 200,000 Hutu in 1972. After fleeing into exile, he studied at the teacher training college in Butare, Rwanda, and served as a teacher and part-time university lecturer. After returning to Burundi, Ndadaye worked at a neurological and psychiatric centre before serving as a training manager with the Savings and Credit Cooperative. After five years in that post, he took a correspondence course in banking, and in 1989 he was appointed adviser to the Rural Development Ministry. He worked at the Meridien BIAO bank from 1989 until his election as president. Ndadaye was known for his calm demeanour and for his skill in leading Frodebu through difficult times. As president he appointed a broadly based government, including a woman prime minister (a Tutsi), and he promised to work for national reconciliation and to strengthen Burundi's human rights. His reign was abruptly ended by the Tutsi, however, when he was killed in a bloody coup led by former president Jean-Baptiste Bagaza and Army Chief of Staff Col. Jean Bikomagu.

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