rural electrification

rural electrification
Project of the U.S. government in the 1930s.

As part of the New Deal, the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) was established (1935) to bring electric power to farms, thereby raising the standard of rural living and slowing the migration of farm workers to cities. Providing low-interest loans to construct power plants and power lines to rural areas, the project eventually equipped over 98% of U.S. farms with electricity.

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      project implemented in the United States in the second quarter of the 20th century by the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), a federal agency established in 1935, under the New Deal, in an effort to raise the standard of rural living and to slow the extensive migration of rural Americans to urban centres; more than 98 percent of the United States' farms were equipped with electric power under the program.

      The REA provided low-interest loans to farm cooperatives for the construction and operation of power plants and power lines in rural areas. Rural electrification brought city conveniences, such as electric lighting and radio, to areas of low population density and allowed for the automation of a number of farm operations.

      Although rural electrification did contribute to bridging the gap between urban and rural life, it did not succeed in checking the movement of farm workers to cities; the application of technical innovations, in fact, acted to increase productivity per man-hour and to replace hand labour with automation and mechanization.

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