In Japanese mythology, vengeful spirits of the dead.

They were originally thought to be spirits of nobles who had been killed unjustly and who avenged themselves by bringing about natural disasters, disease, and wars. Identified by divination, they were appeased by being granted status as gods. Later the belief arose that anyone could become a goryō by willing it at the moment of death or by meeting an untimely death. Various forms of exorcism and magical practices, such as the Buddhist recitation of nembutsu (invoking the name of the Buddha Amida), have been used to ward them off.

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▪ Japanese religion
      in Japanese religion, vengeful spirits of the dead. In the Heian period (AD 794–1185) goryō were generally considered to be spirits of nobility who had died as a result of political intrigue and who, because of their ill will for the living, brought about natural disasters, diseases, and wars. The identities of the goryō were determined by divination or necromancy. Many were appeased by being granted the status of gods (Japanese goryō-shin, “goryō deities”). A notable example is Sugawara Michizane, a 9th-century minister who died in exile and came to be venerated as the god Tenjin. Later the belief arose that anyone could become a goryō by so willing at the moment of death or by meeting with accidental death under unusual circumstances. Various magical practices developed in the 9th–10th centuries to ward off the consequences of evil spirits, such as the Buddhist recitation of nembutsu (invoking the name of the Buddha Amida) to send off angry spirits to Amida's paradise; the exorcising of spirits by Shugen-dō (mountain ascetic) rites; and the use of in-yo magic, derived from Shintō and Daoism. Belief in the power of goryō has survived, particularly among the rural population of Japan, and special memorial services continue to be performed to appease victims of untimely death.

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