Zama, Battle of

Zama, Battle of
(202 BC) Engagement in which the Romans under Scipio Africanus the Elder decisively defeated the Carthaginians led by Hannibal, ending the Second Punic War.

As the Romans marched on Carthage, Hannibal returned from Italy to defend the city. He was overwhelmed by a combined force of Romans and Numidians under Masinissa. Carthage ceded Spain to Rome, gave up most of its ships, and began paying a 50-year indemnity to Rome.

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▪ Roman-Carthaginian history
 (202 BC), victory of the Romans led by Scipio Africanus the Elder over the Carthaginians commanded by Hannibal. It was the last and decisive battle of the Second Punic War (Punic War, Second). The battle took place at a site identified by the Roman historian Livy as Naraggara (now Sāqiyat Sīdī Yūsuf, Tunisia). The name Zama was given to the site (which modern historians have never precisely identified) by the Roman historian Cornelius Nepos (Nepos, Cornelius) about 150 years after the battle.

      By the year 203 Carthage was in great danger of attack from the forces of the Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio, who had invaded Africa and had won an important battle barely 20 miles (32 km) west of Carthage itself. The Carthaginian generals Hannibal and his brother Mago were accordingly recalled from their campaigns in Italy; Hannibal returned to Africa with his 12,000-man veteran army and soon gathered a total of 37,000 troops with which to defend the approaches to Carthage. Scipio, for his part, marched up the Bagradas (Medjerda) River toward Carthage, seeking a decisive battle with the Carthaginians. Scipio had no more troops than did Hannibal, but his 6,000 Numidian cavalrymen led by Prince Masinissa were superior to the Carthaginian cavalry.

      As the two armies approached each other, the Carthaginians unloosed their 80 elephants into the ranks of the Roman infantry, but the great beasts were soon dispersed. Masinissa's cavalry then charged the opposing Carthaginian cavalry on the wings; the latter fled and were pursued by Masinissa's forces. The Roman infantry legions then advanced and attacked Hannibal's infantry, which consisted of three consecutive lines of defense. The Romans crushed the soldiers of the first line and then those of the second. However, by that time the legionnaires had become nearly exhausted—and they had yet to close with the third line, which consisted of Hannibal's veterans from his Italian campaign (i.e., his best troops). At this crucial juncture Masinissa's Numidian cavalry returned from their rout of the enemy cavalry and attacked the rear of the Carthaginian infantry, who were soon crushed between the combined Roman infantry and cavalry assault. Some 20,000 Carthaginians died in the battle and the rest were captured, while the Romans lost about 1,500 dead.

      The Battle of Zama left Carthage helpless, and the city accepted Scipio's peace terms whereby it ceded Spain to Rome, surrendered most of its warships, and began paying a 50-year indemnity to Rome. Scipio was awarded the surname Africanus in tribute of his victory. Hannibal escaped from the battle and soon returned to Carthage.

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