Young America movement

Young America movement
U.S. political concept popular in the 1840s.

Inspired by European youth movements of the 1830s (see Young Italy), the U.S. group was formed as a political organization in 1845 by Edwin de Leon and George H. Evans. It advocated free trade, expansion southward into the territories, and support for republican movements abroad. It became a faction in the Democratic Party in the 1850s. Sen. Stephen A. Douglas promoted its nationalistic program in an unsuccessful effort to compromise sectional differences.

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▪ American political movement
      philosophical, economic, spiritual, and political concept in vogue in the United States during the mid-1840s and early 1850s. Taking as its inspiration the European youth movements of the 1830s, Young America flowered a decade later in the United States. Characterized by energy and enthusiasm for free-market capitalism and expanded territorial boundaries, it first took concrete form in 1845 as a political organization under the leadership of Edwin de Leon and George Henry Evans.

      Espousing a credo of free trade, expansion of foreign markets, annexation of lands southward, and encouragement of republican movements abroad, Young America became a faction within the Democratic Party early in the 1850s. George Nicholas Sanders became its chief spokesman, and the Democratic Review was its organ.

      At a time when the nation was torn by sectional controversy, Young America tried to unite disparate segments within the Democratic Party on the basis of its nationalistic program. Stephen A. Douglas was one of the group's champions in this regard, but Young America accomplished little and faded quickly as the sectional strife became ever more divisive.

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