Vychegda River

Vychegda River
River, northwestern Russia.

It rises on the slopes of the Timan Ridge and joins the Northern Dvina River near Kotlas. Its 702-mi (1,130-km) course is frequently marked by marshes, lakes, and sandbanks, but it is navigable for 596 mi (960 km).

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also spelled  Vyčegda 

      tributary of the Northern Dvina River, Komi republic and Arkhangelsk oblast (province), northwestern Russia. The river's length is 702 miles (1,130 km), and the area of its basin is 47,400 square miles (122,800 square km). The Vychegda rises on the slopes of the Timan Ridge and joins the Northern Dvina at Kotlas. Its course frequently is marked by marshes, lakes, cutoffs, and sandbanks, but it is navigable for 596 miles (960 km) to Voldino. It freezes in early November and thaws in late April.

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