Vilyuy River

Vilyuy River
or Viliui River

River, east-central Siberia.

The longest tributary of the Lena River, it is 1,647 mi (2,650 km) long. It joins the Lena about 200 mi (320 km) northwest of Yakutsk. It is navigable for about 900 mi (1,450 km). In 1954 rich diamond deposits were discovered near the river.

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also spelled  Viliui 

      river in east-central Siberia, flowing mainly through Sakha (Yakutiya) in eastern Russia. The longest tributary of the Lena, it has a length of 1,647 miles (2,650 km) and a drainage basin of about 190,000 square miles (491,000 square km). The Vilyuy River rises on the Central Siberian Plateau in the Evenky autonomous okrug (district) and flows in a winding course, first east (soon entering Sakha), then south and southeast, then generally east again until it joins the Lena about 200 miles northwest of Yakutsk.

      The Vilyuy valley is sparsely populated; small riparian settlements are Vilyuysk (founded 1634), Verkhnevilyuysk, and Suntar (the traditional head of navigation, about 500 miles from the river mouth).

      In 1954 rich diamond deposits were discovered at Mirny, near the river 450 miles from its mouth. Access roads and an airport were built, and the Vilyuy Dam complex was begun, near the mine site, on the Vilyuy at Chernyshevsky. Power is used for the diamond concentrators at Mirny, and a power line extends 250 miles north to diamond deposits at Aykhal (1964) and Udachny (1968). The dam project radically altered both the natural fluvial regime of the Vilyuy and the economy of its valley.

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