Udall, Nicholas

Udall, Nicholas
born December 1505?, Southampton, Hampshire, Eng.
died December 1556, Westminster

English playwright, translator, and schoolmaster.

The headmaster of Eton College from 1534 and of Westminster from 1555, Udall was well known as a translator. He is credited with writing many plays, of which only one is extant, Ralph Roister Doister (performed с 1553), the first known English comedy. About a braggart soldier-hero who is finally shown to be an arrant coward, it marks the emergence of comedy from the medieval morality plays, interludes, and farces.

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▪ English writer
born December 1505?, Southampton, Hampshire, Eng.
died December 1556, Westminster

      English playwright, translator, and schoolmaster who wrote the first known English comedy, Ralph Roister Doister.

      Udall was educated at the University of Oxford, where he became a lecturer and fellow. He became a schoolmaster in 1529 and was teaching in London in 1533 when he wrote “ditties and interludes” for Anne Boleyn's coronation. In 1534 he published Floures for Latine Spekynge Selected and Gathered out of Terence . . . Translated into Englysshe (dated 1533). That same year he became headmaster of Eton College, but he was later dismissed for sexually abusing his pupils.

      From 1542 to 1545 Udall seems to have been in London, engaged in work as a translator. In 1542 he published a version of Erasmus' Apopthegmes; and he was employed by Catherine Parr, who shared his enthusiasm for the Reformation, to take charge of a translation of Erasmus' paraphrase of the New Testament. The first volume, containing the Gospels and Acts, was published in 1548; the Gospel According to Luke was translated by Udall, and the Gospel According to John was translated by Princess Mary (later Queen Mary I).

      In 1549 Udall became tutor to the young Edward Courtenay; in 1551 he obtained a prebend at Windsor, and in 1553 he was given a living in the Isle of Wight. Meanwhile he had become famous as a playwright and translator. Even under Queen Mary, his Protestant sympathies did not cause him to fall into disfavour at court; various documents refer to his connection with plays presented before the queen. He became a tutor in the household of Stephen Gardiner, bishop of Winchester, and in December 1555 was appointed headmaster of Westminster.

      Although Udall is credited in John Bale's catalog of English writers with “many comedies,” the only play extant that can certainly be assigned to him is Ralph Roister Doister. This must have been written, and probably was performed, about 1553. The play marks the emergence of English comedy from the medieval morality plays, interludes, and farces. It is modeled on Terence and Plautus: its central idea—of a braggart soldier-hero, with an impecunious parasite to flatter him, who thinks every woman he sees falls in love with him and is finally shown to be an arrant coward—is derived from Plautus' Miles Gloriosus. The incidents, characters, and colloquial idiom, however, are English. It was probably written as a Christmas entertainment to be performed by Udall's pupils in London. The anonymous interludes Jacke Jugeler and Thersites are also sometimes attributed to him.

Additional Reading
William L. Edgerton, Nicholas Udall (1965).

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