Tuileries Palace

Tuileries Palace
French royal residence, adjacent to the Louvre in Paris, destroyed by arson in 1871.

The original palace, commissioned by Catherine de Médicis, was begun in 1564 by Philibert Delorme (с 1515–1570); the next 200 years saw numerous additions and alterations by Jean Bullant (1520?–1578), Jacques du Cerceau (с 1520–1585), Louis Le Vau (1612–1670), and others. The Tuileries Gardens have changed little since Andre Le Notre redesigned them in 1664. His design extended the central walkway beyond the gardens and out into the countryside to the hilltop west of the palace, where the Arc de Triomphe now stands.

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French  Palais des Tuileries 
 French royal residence adjacent to the Louvre (Louvre Museum) in Paris before it was destroyed by arson in 1871. Construction of the original palace—commissioned by Catherine de Médicis—was begun in 1564, and in the subsequent 200 years there were many additions and alterations. Among the French architects who worked on the building in the 16th century were Philibert Delorme (Delorme, Philibert), who designed the first plans, Jean Bullant (Bullant, Jean), and Jacques du Cerceau. Louis Le Vau, in the 17th century, also contributed to the structure. In the gardens that survive, an arch from Delorme's loggia was rebuilt; it is an example of his French Ionic order.

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