Traherne, Thomas

Traherne, Thomas
born 1637, Hereford, Eng.
died 1674, Teddington

English mystical poet and religious writer.

He was ordained in the Anglican church in 1660. Most of his works were unknown for centuries. The discovery in 1896 in a London street bookstall of the manuscripts of Poetical Works (1903) and the prose Centuries of Meditations (1908) created a literary sensation. Later the manuscript of Poems of Felicity (1910) was discovered in the British Museum. His poetry, though sometimes original and intense, is overshadowed by his vivid prose.

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▪ English poet
born 1637, Hereford, Eng.
died 1674, Teddington

      last of the mystical poets of the Anglican clergy, which included most notably George Herbert and Henry Vaughan.

      The son of a shoemaker, Traherne was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford, ordained in 1660, and presented in 1661 to the living of Credenhill, which he held until 1674. From 1669 to 1674 Traherne lived in London and Teddington, serving as chaplain to Sir Orlando Bridgeman, lord keeper from 1667 to 1672. That year he became minister of Teddington Church, where he was buried when he died two years later.

      The only work by Traherne published during his lifetime was Roman Forgeries (1673), an anti-Catholic polemic. His Christian Ethicks appeared posthumously in 1675, and his Thanksgivings in rhythmical prose were published anonymously as A Serious and Patheticall Contemplation of the Mercies of God in 1699. The greater part of Traherne's poetry and his prose meditations remained unknown until their recovery in modern times. The chance discovery in 1896 in a London street bookstall of the manuscripts of Traherne's Poetical Works (published 1903) and his Centuries of Meditations (published 1908) created a literary sensation. The manuscript of Poems of Felicity was subsequently found in the British Museum and published in 1910. Other substantial manuscripts were discovered in the 1960s and in 1997.

      As a poet Traherne possessed originality of thought and intensity of feeling, particularly in his mystical evocations of the joy and innocence of childhood, but he lacked discipline in his use of metre and rhyme. Indeed, his poetry is overshadowed by the prose work Centuries of Meditations, in which he instructs an acquaintance in his personal philosophy of “felicity”; the latter was based on Traherne's Christian training, his retention of vivid impressions of the wonder and joy of childhood, and his desire to regain that sense in a mature form.

Additional Reading
Gladys I. Wade, Thomas Traherne (1944, reissued 1969); Thomas Richard Sluberski, A Mind in Frame: The Theological Thought of Thomas Traherne (1637–1674) (2008).

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