Toledo, councils of

Toledo, councils of
Eighteen councils of the Visigothic church held in Toledo, Spain, from с 400 to 702.

Most attending were bishops, with some members of the lower clergy and the nobility. The decisions often affected civil and political affairs, and nearly all were convoked by kings. At the third Council of Toledo in 589, King Recared rejected his Arian faith and accepted Catholicism, an event that led to the unification of Visigothic Spain with Catholicism as the state religion.

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      18 councils of the Roman Catholic church in Spain, held in Toledo from about 400 to 702. At least 11 of these councils were considered national or plenary; the rest were provincial or local. The acts of all except the 18th have been preserved.

      A majority of those attending the councils were bishops, but some abbots, priests, deacons, and members of the lay nobility also attended. Though ecclesiastical in nature, the councils were often important in Spanish civil and political affairs. Nearly all were convoked by kings, sometimes with the primary purpose of gaining political support from the Spanish church.

      At the third Council of Toledo in 589, King Recared, a previous Arian, read a profession of faith in which he accepted the Catholic faith and anathematized Arius. Because of the king's conversion, many bishops and people accepted the Catholic faith. Visigothic Spain was then unified, and Catholicism was established as the state religion.

      Of the other councils, the 11th in 675 was especially important theologically for its profession of faith. The following are the dates of the several councils:

Ic. 400
IIc. 527/531

      In addition to these 18 early councils, at least 10 other councils were held in Toledo from the 11th to the 16th century. They were important in the canonical history of Spain.

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