Terbrugghen, Hendrik

Terbrugghen, Hendrik
or Hendrick ter Brugghen

born с 1588, Deventer?, Neth.
buried Nov. 9, 1629, Utrecht

Dutch painter.

He reportedly spent 10 years in Italy, and on his return to Utrecht in 1615 his work showed the strong influence of Caravaggio. His two versions of The Calling of St. Matthew (с 1617, 1621) reflect knowledge of Caravaggio's treatment of the same subject. He is most indebted to Caravaggio for his chiaroscuro, though his own light is more atmospheric and silvery, as in The Flute Player (1621). His masterpiece is St. Sebastian Attended by Irene and Her Maid (1625). With Gerrit van Honthorst, he was a leader of the Utrecht school.

"The Flute Player," oil painting by Terbrugghen, 1621; in the Staatliche ...

By courtesy of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Kassel, Ger.

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▪ Dutch painter
born c. 1588, Deventer?, Neth.
buried Nov. 9, 1629, Utrecht
 Dutch painter, among the earliest northern followers of the Italian painter Caravaggio.

      In the early 1590s Terbrugghen's family moved to Utrecht, a strong Roman Catholic centre, where he studied with Abraham Bloemaert. Terbrugghen reportedly spent 10 years in Italy, having arrived in Rome about 1604, and thus could have had direct contact with Caravaggio, who left Rome in 1606. Although no paintings are definitely known from Terbrugghen's Italian period, his work after his return to Utrecht in 1614 exhibits strong Caravaggesque influence. His two versions of the Calling of St. Matthew (c. 1617 and 1621) reflect a knowledge of Caravaggio's painting of the same subject at the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome.

      Terbrugghen is most indebted to Caravaggio in his adoption of the master's chiaroscuro, or use of contrasting light and shade, although his light has a more atmospheric and silvery quality, as seen in his half-length The Flute Player (1621). Despite Terbrugghen's contact with the latest Italian developments, certain archaisms from 16th-century northern painting appear in such works as his Crucifixion with the Virgin and St. John (c. 1625). Terbrugghen's masterpiece, St. Sebastian Tended by Irene and Her Maid (1625), displays magnificent painterly qualities and restrained emotion. His work is considered superior to that of his Utrecht contemporaries Dirck van Baburen and Gerrit van Honthorst.

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