Shire River

Shire River
River, southern Malawi and central Mozambique.

The most important river in Malawi, it flows 250 mi (402 km) from the southern shore of Lake Malawi into the Zambezi River. In Malawi it drops 1,260 ft (384 m) in a spectacular 50-mi (80-km) stretch of gorges and cataracts. A dam at Liwonde regulates flow from Lake Malawi and provides flood control.

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      most important river in Malaŵi. The Shire River is 250 miles (402 km) long and issues from the southern shore of Lake Nyasa (Lake Malaŵi), of which it is the only outlet. It enters Lake Malombe (Malombe, Lake) (q.v.) 5 miles (8 km) south of Mangochi and exits to flow through swampy banks flanked by the Mangoche Hills and the Zomba Mountain scarp to the east and the Chiripa Plateau to the west. The Shire then enters its narrow middle valley. Between Matope and Chikwawa, it drops 1,260 feet (384 m) through 50 miles (80 km) of gorges and cataracts, falling successively over Kholombidzo (formerly Murchison) Falls, Nkula Falls, and Tedzani Falls, through the Mpatamanga Gorge, and over Hamilton Falls and Kapichira (formerly Livingstone) Falls. Dams at Nkula Falls and Tedzani Falls, northwest of Blantyre, harness the river's waters for hydroelectric power. Below Chikwawa the river enters a wide marshy extension of the Mozambique coastal plain, the only area of Malaŵi below an elevation of 500 feet (150 m). The lower Shire River valley's borders are distinct only to the northeast (the Cholo Escarpment) and the southwest (the Nsanje Hills). The chief tributary, the Ruo River, joins the main stream in the lower valley, forming a narrow levee on which the village of Chiromo is located. The replenished waters then pass through Elephant Marsh (160 square miles [414 square km]) and Ndindi Marsh on a tortuous lower course to the confluence with the Zambezi River 30 miles (48 km) below Cena (Sena), Mozambique.

      The Shire River's flow was formerly totally dependent upon the level of Lake Nyasa (Nyasa, Lake) and the varying volume of the Ruo River; but a dam to regulate the flow from Lake Nyasa through the hydroelectric stations and to provide flood control in the lower reaches has been built at Liwonde. Of the Shire's minor tributaries only the Lisungwe, Wankurumadzi, Masenjere, and Tangadzi East are perennial. Water is lost through evaporation and transpiration in Lake Malombe and the miles of swamp and marshy banks, which are cultivable only during the dry season.

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