Sanaga River

Sanaga River
River, central Cameroon.

It flows southwest into the Bight of Biafra opposite the island of Bioko. It is about 325 mi (525 km) long. Falls and rapids are found along much of its upper course. Dams and reservoirs regulate water flow and harness the river's hydroelectric power.

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      stream located in central Cameroon. Its most important headstreams—the Agoua and the Djérem—meet to form the Sanaga about 56 miles (90 km) north-northwest of Bertoua. The river then flows about 325 miles (525 km) southwest across the central plateau past Nanga-Eboko, Monatélé, and Edéa. It broadens to a wide estuary that roughly bisects Cameroon's Atlantic coastline 30 miles (48 km) south of Douala. Lands adjacent to the Sanaga river boast diverse resources and have historically attracted populations to settle there.

      Falls and rapids are found along much of its upper course. Edéa, at the head of steamboat navigation, is the site of a hydroelectric (hydroelectric power) dam that harnesses the energy of the 60-foot (18-metre) falls on the river to generate electricity for Edéa and Douala. A dam and reservoir at Mbakaou regulate water flow.

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