Saale River

Saale River
River, east-central Germany.

A tributary of the Elbe River, it rises in the Bavarian highlands and flows north to join the Elbe just above Barby. As it crosses Thuringia, it enters a deep valley dominated by picturesque castles. The Saale is 265 mi (426 km) long.

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      left tributary of the Elbe River, 265 miles (426 km) long and draining 9,165 square miles (23,737 square km). It rises in the Fichtelgebirge, a Bavarian highland area in central Germany, and flows north and northwest past Hof, Saalfeld, Rudolstadt, Jena, Naumburg, Weissenfels, Merseburg, Halle, Bernburg, and Niemberg to join the Elbe south of Magdeburg. Initially passing through well-wooded hills, the river crosses the state and historic region of Thuringia, where it is called Thüringian or Saxonion (German Thüringische or Sächsische) Saale, and enters a deep valley that is dominated by picturesque castles. The fertile land around the river's lower course produces wheat, barley, and sugar beets. The Saale is navigable by barges to Weissenfels and Halle. Bleiloch and Hohenwarte are two large dams on the river's upper course whose lakes supply hydroelectric power and draw tourists. The main tributaries of the Saale are the Ilm and Unstrut (west) and Weisse, or White, Elster (east).

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