Ord River

Ord River
River, northeastern Western Australia.

The Ord rises in the Albert Edward Range and flows east and north to the Cambridge Gulf; it is about 200 mi (320 km) long. Discovered in 1879 by Alexander Forrest, it was named for Harry Ord, governor of Western Australia. The Ord River Project is designed to prevent flooding and collect irrigation water.

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 river in the Kimberley plateau region, northeastern Western Australia. It rises in the Albert Edward Range and follows an easterly and northerly course for 300 miles (500 km) to Cambridge Gulf. Chief tributaries are the Denham, Stirling, Panton, Wilson, Bow, Nicholson, and Elvire. Its upper reaches cut through deep gorges, which give way to grasslands and forests along its middle course and to alluvial plains in its lower valley. The region is subject to irregular rainfall. The river was discovered in 1879 by Alexander Forrest and was named for Sir Harry Ord, governor of Western Australia (1877–80).

      The Ord River Project is a major undertaking designed to prevent seasonal flooding and to impound water for irrigating large areas subject to drought. The Kimberley Research Station decided in 1945 that irrigated agriculture would be possible in this area, and plans were formed for the development of a large area of farmland. The Kununurra Diversion Dam, completed in 1967, allowed for the cultivation of the first portion of this land under the project. Kununurra town was built nearby as the service and residential centre. A larger dam, built 25 miles south of Kununurra in 1970–72, holds the main reservoir (Lake Argyle). Initially, the water was used to irrigate cotton fields, but this crop was soon rendered uneconomic by insect pests. Various other crops were tried, also with little success; by the 1980s, with only a small area still under cultivation, the Ord scheme had become Australia's most costly and controversial irrigation project. Finally, the successful planting of sugarcane, the establishment of a sugar mill, and the development of a wider range of produce for export have renewed interest in the Ord, and the area under irrigated cultivation has expanded. In addition, the dam at Lake Argyle produces hydroelectric power.

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