Old Point Comfort

Old Point Comfort
Historic point and part of the city of Hampton, southeastern Virginia, U.S. It is located at the entrance to Hampton Roads, opposite Norfolk.

Named by the colonists of Jamestown in 1607, it has been the site of fortifications, including Fort George and Fort Monroe, since 1609. The latter was a Union base during the American Civil War. It was a popular seaside resort in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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      historic spit and point, part of the city of Hampton, southeastern Virginia, U.S. It lies at the southeast end of the peninsula between the James (James River) and York rivers and is on the north shore of Hampton Roads harbour, opposite Norfolk. Named Cape Comfort by the colonists of Jamestown (Jamestown Colony) (1607) in thanks for the sheltered anchorage it furnished, it has been the site of fortifications since 1609. Fort George (built 1727–30) was destroyed by hurricane in 1749. Fort Monroe (completed c. 1834), a moated stone-walled structure, served during the American Civil War as a Union base of operations for General George B. McClellan (McClellan, George B)'s Peninsular Campaign (1862) and for expeditions against Confederate ports. Following the war, Jefferson Davis (Davis, Jefferson), former president of the Confederate States, was imprisoned there for two years. Old Point Comfort was a popular seaside resort in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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