Obrenović dynasty

Obrenović dynasty
Family that provided Serbia with five rulers between 1815 and 1903.

Its founding member, Miloš (1780–1860), was prince of Serbia (1815–39, 1858–60). His elder son, Milan III, reigned only 26 days before dying in 1839. Miloš's second son, Michael III, was prince on two occasions (1839–42, 1860–68). A cousin, Milan IV (1854–1901), became prince in 1868 and then king of Serbia (1882–89). His son Alexander (1876–1903) succeeded him as king in 1889, but he was assassinated in 1903.

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▪ Serbian family
Obrenović also spelled  Obrenovich,  

      family that provided Serbia with five rulers between 1815 and 1903. Their succession was broken by a rival dynasty, the Karadjordjević. Miloš, who founded the dynasty, was prince of Serbia from 1815 to 1839 and again from 1858 to 1860; his elder son, Milan III (Milan III (or I)), reigned for only 26 days before his death in 1839; Miloš' second son, Michael III, was prince from 1839 to 1842 and again from 1860 to 1868. His successor was a first cousin once removed, Milan IV (Milan IV (or II)), who became prince in 1868 and served as king of Serbia from 1882 until his abdication in 1889. His son Alexander followed him to the throne and reigned as king from 1889 until his assassination in 1903, when the dynasty became extinct.

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