(as used in expressions)
Nikolay Nikolayevich
Bukharin Nikolay Ivanovich
Bulganin Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Chernyshevsky Nikolay Gavrilovich
Danilevsky Nikolay Yakovlevich
Giers Nikolay Karlovich
Gogol Nikolay Vasilyevich
Ignatyev Nikolay Pavlovich Count
Kondratev Nikolay Dmitriyevich
Lobachevsky Nikolay Ivanovich
Marr Nikolay Yakovlevich
Nikolay Pavlovich
Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Podgorny Nikolay Viktorovich
Rimsky Korsakov Nikolay Andreyevich
Semyonov Nikolay Nikolayevich
Trubetskoy Nikolay Sergeyevich
Vavilov Nikolay Ivanovich
Yezhov Nikolay Ivanovich
Yudenich Nikolay Nikolayevich

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