Ngami, Lake

Ngami, Lake
Shallow lake, northwestern Botswana, north of the Kalahari Desert.

It was a large lake, estimated at more than 170 mi (275 km) in circumference when the explorer David Livingstone sighted it in 1849. The lake varies in size with the amount of rainfall, and, although it is much smaller today than in Livingstone's time, it is rich in birdlife.

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      shallow lake at the southwest corner of the 4,000-square-mile (10,400-square-kilometre) Okavango Swamp in northwestern Botswana. The swamp and the lake are fed by the Okavango River, which loses most of its flow through evaporation in the marshes. Lake Ngami is 3,057 feet (932 m) above sea level. When the explorer David Livingstone (Livingstone, David) first sighted it in 1849, he estimated it to be more than 170 miles (275 km) in circumference, but by 1950 it had become a sea of grass, and during a severe drought in 1965–66 it dried up completely. Because thousands of cattle belonging to the local inhabitants were dependent on the lake for water, the drought caused much hardship. Abundant rains since then have again filled the lake, although it is much smaller than it was when Livingstone first saw it. It is rich in birdlife and contains barbel fish, which are able to survive in mud for months while the lake is dry. Lake Ngami has no natural outlet; if it became filled, the Kunyere and Nghabe valleys would be submerged, and any excess water would be deflected into the Boteti (Botletle) River.

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