Neuchâtel, Lake

Neuchâtel, Lake
Lake, western Switzerland.

With an area of 84 sq mi (218 sq km), it is the largest lake entirely within Switzerland. It is a survivor of a former glacial lake in the lower Aare valley, at the base of the Jura Mountains. On the northern shore is La Tène, a prehistoric site, which dates to the late Iron Age culture.

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French  Lac De Neuchâtel,  German  Neuenburgersee,  Latin  Lacus Eburodunensis,  

      largest lake wholly in Switzerland; its area of 84 square miles (218 square km) is divided among the cantons of Neuchâtel, Vaud, Fribourg, and Bern. Lakes Neuchâtel, Biel (Bienne), and Morat, connected by canals, are survivors of a former glacial lake in the lower Aare valley, at the base of the Jura Mountains. Lake Neuchâtel is about 23.5 miles (38 km) long and from 3.75 to 5 miles (6 to 8 km) wide; it lies at an elevation of 1,407 feet (429 m), and its greatest depth is 502 feet (153 m). The Thièle River enters at its southwestern end and issues from it at its northeastern end. The lake also receives the Areuse and Broye rivers. The northwestern shore (Neuchâtel canton) is the most thickly settled, and the slopes are covered with vineyards. On the north shore is La Tène, famous for prehistoric finds, which gives its name to the late Iron Age culture.

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