Napoleon II, duke von Reichstadt

Napoleon II, duke von Reichstadt
orig. Napoléon-François-Charles-Joseph Bonaparte

born March 20, 1811, Paris, France
died July 22, 1832, Schönbrunn, Austria

The only son of Napoleon and Marie-Louise, he was born during Napoleon's reign as emperor and styled "King of Rome.

" On Napoleon's abdication (1814), Marie-Louise took her son to live at the court of her father, Emperor Francis II, rather than allow him to remain in France as the focus of resistance as Napoleon II. Given the Austrian title of duke of Reichstadt, he was controlled by Klemens, prince von Metternich. In 1830 Bonapartist insurgents attempted to restore Reichstadt as Napoleon II, but he was already ill with tuberculosis, which would kill him.

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