Meidias Painter

Meidias Painter
flourished с 420–400 BC, Greece

Greek vase painter known for his theatrical "florid" style.

A large hydria (water vessel) with scenes from the rape of the daughters of Leucippus and of Heracles in the garden of the Hesperides, now in the British Museum, is representative of his work.

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▪ Greek artist
flourished c. 420–400 BC
 Greek (Greek pottery) vase painter known for his theatrical “florid” style and for his “flying drapery” and often seen as one of the last great Athenian vase painters. A large hydria (water vessel), dating from approximately 410 BC, is representative of his work. Painted on it are scenes from the stories of the “Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus” and “Heracles in the Garden of the Hesperides.” Also attributed to him are a hydria with “Adonis Seated on the Lap of Aphrodite” and a toilet box cover with “Women and Cupids.”

Additional Reading
Lucilla Burn, The Meidias Painter (1987).

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