Madeira River

Madeira River
River, western Brazil.

A major tributary of the Amazon River, it is formed by the junction of the Mamoré and Beni rivers in Bolivia and flows north along the border between Bolivia and Brazil. It meanders northeast in Brazil to join the Amazon east of Manaus. Measured from the upper reaches of the Mamoré, it is 2,082 mi (3,352 km) long.

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Portuguese  Rio Madeira  
 major tributary of the Amazon (Amazon River). It is formed by the junction of the Mamoré (Mamoré River) and Beni (Beni River) rivers at Villa Bella, Bolivia, and flows northward forming the border between Bolivia and Brazil for approximately 60 miles (100 km). After receiving the Abuná River, the Madeira meanders northeastward in Brazil through Rondônia and Amazonas states to its junction with the Amazon River, 90 miles (145 km) east of Manaus. A distributary of the Madeira flows into the Amazon about 100 miles (160 km) farther downstream, creating the marshy island of Tupinambarama. The Madeira is 2,082 miles (3,352 km) long from the upper reaches of the Mamoré, and its general width is about one-half mile. It is navigable by seagoing vessels most of the year from its mouth on the Amazon to the Cachoeira (falls) de Santo Antônio 807 miles (1,300 km) upstream, the first of 19 waterfalls or rapids that block further passage, near the town of Pôrto Velho, Brazil. The Madeira-Mamoré Railway, which extended for 228 miles (367 km) between Pôrto Velho and Guajará-Mirim, circumvented the falls and rapids and provided a link with the upper course of the Madeira River. Abandoned in the 1970s, much of the railway's corridor is now served by highway.

      Although exploration of the Madeira valley began in the 16th century, parts of the region were not mapped until the late 1970s, via satellite. The tropical rainforest's traditional inhabitants, Indians and mestizos, who lived along the riverbanks and gathered forest products such as Brazil nuts and rubber, were joined by farmers and ranchers who settled in the area during the latter half of the 20th century.

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