Locri Epizephyrii

Locri Epizephyrii
Ancient city in Magna Graecia, on the eastern coast of Italy's southwestern extremity.

Founded by Greeks с 680 BC, it was the first Greek community to have a written code of laws, the Locrian code (с 660 BC). It founded colonies and resisted Athenian intervention during the Peloponnesian War. Fickle in its allegiance, it was captured by Rome in 205 BC and destroyed by Sicilian Muslims in 915.

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▪ ancient city, Italy
also called  Locri 
 ancient city on the eastern side of the “toe” of Italy, founded by Greeks c. 680 BC; the inhabitants used the name of Locri Epizephyrii to distinguish themselves from the Locri of Greece. Locri Epizephyrii was the first Greek community to have a written code of laws, given by Zaleucus c. 660 BC. Locri Epizephyrii founded colonies, repelled the attacks of Croton during the 6th century, and worked against Athenian intervention in the west during the Peloponnesian War. Dionysius I of Syracuse married a Locrian, increased the city's territory, and enlarged its walls, but the city lost its freedom. Locri Epizephyrii continually changed allegiance between Rome and its enemies until the Romans under Scipio Africanus captured the city in 205 BC. Sicilian Muslims destroyed the city in 915.

      Excavations in 1889–90, and resumed in 1954, disclosed a Doric temple, a sanctuary of Persephone, and numerous 5th-century-BC terra-cotta native plaques (pinakes). The discovery of prehistoric objects confirmed the accounts by Thucydides and Polybius that the Greeks were not the first settlers.

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