Katsura Imperial Villa

Katsura Imperial Villa
Estate constructed in 1620–24 on the southwestern edge of Kyōto, Japan.

It was an outstanding attempt to integrate the styles of the Heian period with the architectural innovations spurred by the development of the tea ceremony. Carefully planned meandering paths lead to and from the central structures and through gardens dotted with small pavilions and tea huts offering orchestrated views. The main buildings, set into a landscape created for them, include three attached structures in a typical shoin-zukuri style.

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building, Kyōto, Japan
Japanese  Katsura Rikyū,  

      group of buildings located in the southwest suburbs of Kyōto, Japan. The complex was originally built as a princely estate in the early 17th century and lies on the bank of the Katsura River, which supplies the water for its ponds and streams. The estate covers an area of about 16 acres (6.5 hectares). In 1590 it was given to Prince Toshihito, the younger brother of the emperor, who developed the estate until his death in 1629. In the following years it was completed in substantially its present form by his son, Prince Toshitada, who built an addition to the main section, two more tea pavilions, and much of the garden's stonework.

      The estate is completely enclosed by bamboo fences and high bamboo hedges. The main buildings, set into a landscape created for them, include three attached structures, the ko-shoin, chu-shoin, and shin-shoin—old, middle, and new halls, respectively. They form the typical shoin-style building in echelon, intersecting roofs, and freely organized interior spaces. Because of the sloping site, the high wooden posts supporting the chu-shoin and shin-shoin are necessary to maintain the floor level throughout.

      Because both princes were devotees of the tea ceremony, the estate has four teahouses, one for each season. They are constructed in highly sophisticated combinations and arrangements of the simplest materials.

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