Howe, Elias

Howe, Elias
born July 9, 1819, Spencer, Mass., U.S.
died Oct. 3, 1867, Brooklyn, N.Y.

U.S. inventor.

A nephew of William Howe, he began work as a mechanic. In 1846 he was granted a patent for the first practical sewing machine. It attracted little attention, and he moved to England and worked to perfect his machine for use with leather and similar materials. When he returned the next year, he found that sewing machines were being widely made and sold; he finally established his patent rights in 1854. His invention soon revolutionized the garment industry. See also Isaac Merritt Singer.

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▪ American inventor
born July 9, 1819, Spencer, Mass., U.S.
died Oct. 3, 1867, Brooklyn, N.Y.
 American inventor whose sewing machine helped revolutionize garment manufacture in the factory and in the home.

 Interested in machinery since childhood, Howe learned the machinist trade and worked in a cotton machinery factory in Lowell, Mass., and later in Cambridge. During this time it was suggested to him that the man who invented a machine that could sew would earn a fortune. For five years Howe spent all his spare time in the development of a practical sewing machine, and in 1846 he was granted a patent for it. The machine attracted little attention in the United States at first, and, when a fortune was not forthcoming, Howe sold the patent rights in England for £250 ($1,250). He moved to England and worked for £5 a week to perfect his machine for use in sewing leather and similar materials. As his financial condition worsened, he managed to send his family back to the United States, but when he finally returned destitute, he found his wife dying. Years of disappointment and discouragement followed. He found that, while he had been abroad, sewing machines were being widely manufactured and sold in the United States in violation of his patent. After much litigation, his rights were finally established in 1854, and from then until 1867, when his patent expired, he received royalties on all sewing machines produced in the United States.

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