Hongze Lake

Hongze Lake
Chinese Hongze Hu or Hung-tse Hu

Lake, eastern China.

Located in the Huai River valley between Jiangsu and Anhui provinces, it was smaller in the 7th–10th centuries AD than its present surface area of 502 sq mi (1,300 sq km). In the 11th century, canals were constructed to make it part of a canal system between Kaifeng and Zhuzhou, joining the lake to the Huai. In 1194 the Huang He (Yellow River) changed course, forcing the waters of the Huai into the lake, which then grew to its present size. In the 19th century, flooding in the area was severe, and, in the 1930s, a new channel (improved in the 1950s) was dug from the lake's eastern shore directly to the sea.

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lake, China
Chinese (Pinyin)  Hongze Hu , or  (Wade-Giles romanization)  Hung-tse Hu  

      large lake in the Huai River valley, on the border between Jiangsu (Kiangsi) and Anhui provinces, eastern china. It was given the name Hongze Lake by the emperor Yangdi (reigned AD 604–617/618) of the Sui dynasty (581–618). In Tang (Tang dynasty) and early Song (Song dynasty) times (from the 7th to the 10th century) it was smaller than its present surface area of 757 square miles (1,960 square km), probably less than a third of its present size. It was also separated from the main course of the Huai River, which flowed to the south and southeast of the lake. The Huai was shallow and difficult to navigate; and in the 11th century, under the Song dynasty (960–1279), various canals were constructed to make use of the lake as a part of the canal system between Kaifeng (in Henan province) and Chuzhou (Quzhou) (modern Huai'an; in Jiangsu province), joining the lake to the Huai. When, in 1194, the Huang He (Yellow River) changed its course to the south to join the Huai at modern Qingjiang (in Jiangsu), it usurped the lower course of the Huai, which no longer had a direct outlet to the sea. The waters of the Huai discharged into Hongze Lake, which then grew to its present size, inundating a vast area of fertile irrigated land. The surplus waters of the lake flowed southeast, via the Gaobao and Baoying lakes and the channel of the Grand Canal to the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang), east of Yangzhou (in Jiangsu). The lake is shallow, and, in the course of centuries, its bottom silted up. By the 19th century, flooding in the area was frequent and severe. In the 1930s a new channel was dug from the eastern shore of the lake directly to the sea. This canal was restored and improved in 1951–52 under the name of the Subei Canal, and, together with the comprehensive water conservancy project for the Huai River valley, it has reduced flooding. The lake surface is only some 50 feet (15 metres) above sea level, however, and drainage remains a problem. Most of the lake is too shallow for any but small boats.

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