Hat Act

Hat Act
(1732) British law that restricted colonial manufacture and export of hats in competition with English hat makers, limiting the number of apprentices and forbidding the use of blacks in the trade.

Part of the mercantile policy that restricted trade by the colonies and subordinated them economically, it enabled English hatters to dominate markets formerly supplied by New England and New York manufacturers.

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▪ British law
      (1732), in U.S. colonial history, British law restricting colonial manufacture and export of hats in direct competition with English hatmakers. Part of the mercantile system that subordinated the colonies economically, the Hat Act forbade exportation of hats from the colonies, limited apprenticeships, and, to preclude competition from cheap labour, forbade the hiring of blacks in the trade. As a result of the act, London hatters were able to capture markets in other colonies and southern Europe formerly supplied by New England and New York manufacturers. The American hat industry quickly revived after the American Revolution.

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