Guthrie, Sir (William) Tyrone

Guthrie, Sir (William) Tyrone
born July 2, 1900, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Eng.
died May 15, 1971, Newbliss, County Monaghan, Ire.

British theatre director and producer.

After his first London production in 1931, he became director of the Shakespeare Repertory Company (1933–34, 1936–45), which performed at the Old Vic and Sadler's Wells theatres. His original approach to Shakespearean drama greatly influenced the 20th-century revival of interest in traditional theatre. He also directed operas such as Peter Grimes (1946) and Carmen (1949) and his own play, Top of the Ladder (1950). He helped found and direct the Stratford Festival in Canada (1953–57), influencing the development of Canadian theatre. He also founded and directed (1963–66) the Tyrone Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

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