Guaviare River

Guaviare River
River, central and eastern Colombia.

It rises in the Andes Mountains in south-central Colombia and is known as the Guayabero in its upper course. It meanders northeast before joining the Orinoco River on the border of Colombia and Venezuela after a course of about 650 mi (1,050 km). Frequent rapids obstruct navigation.

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Spanish  Río Guaviare,  

      river, central and eastern Colombia, a major tributary of the Orinoco River. Initially known as the Guayabero River, it is formed in southwestern Meta departamento by the junction of the Tagua and the Duda rivers, which descend from the Andean Cordillera Oriental. As it flows eastward between Meta departamento to the north and Guaviare departamento to the south, the river takes the name Guaviare. It meanders east-northeastward between Vichada (north) and Guainía (south) departamentos until it joins the Orinoco River, across from San Fernando de Atabapo, Venezuela. The river is about 930 miles (1,497 km) long, but frequent rapids obstruct navigation.

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