Ghaghara River

Ghaghara River
formerly Gogra Nepali Karnali

River, northern India, Nepal, and China.

A major tributary of the Ganges, it rises as the Karnali in the Tibetan Himalayas and flows southeast into Nepal. Cutting south across the Siwalik Hills, it splits into two branches, to rejoin in India and form the Ghaghara proper. It flows southeast to enter the Ganges after a 600 mi (970 km) course. Together with the Ganges and its tributaries, it formed the vast alluvial plain of northern Bihar. Along its lower course it is also called the Sarju River and the Deoha.

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river, Asia
also spelled  Gogra,  Ghāghrā , or  Ghāgrā , Nepali  Kauriālā 

      major left-bank tributary of the Ganges River, rising as the Karnāli River (Chinese: K'ung-ch'iao Ho) in the Tibetan Himalayas and flowing southeast into Nepal. Cutting southward across the Siwālik Hills, it splits into two branches, to rejoin south of the Indian border and form the Ghāghara proper. It flows southeast through Uttar Pradesh and Bihār states to enter the Ganges below Chāpra after a 600-mile (970-kilometre) course. The major tributaries—the Kuwānā, the Rāpti, and the Little Gandak rivers—all flow into the Ghāghara from the mountains to the north. Together with the Ganges and its tributaries, it has helped form the vast alluvial plain of northern Bihār. Along its lower course it is also called the Sarju River (the Sarabos of the 2nd-century-AD Greek geographer Ptolemy) and the Deoha.

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