Friedland, Battle of

Friedland, Battle of
(June 14, 1807) Victory against Russia for Napoleon in the Napoleonic Wars that led to the Peace of Tilsit.

Near Friedland in eastern Prussia (modern Pravdinsk, Russia), an isolated French corps, greatly outnumbered, held off Russian attacks for nine hours while Napoleon concentrated his forces. He then attacked with 65,000 men, pushing half the Russian army into the village of Friedland, where they were killed or captured. A Prussian ally withdrew his forces from Königsberg, which the French then occupied.

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▪ European history
      (June 14, 1807), victory for Napoleon that compensated for a setback the preceding February at Eylau and led to the Treaty of Tilsit between Napoleon and Alexander I of Russia. It was fought at Friedland (modern Pravdinsk, Russia), 27 miles (43 km) southeast of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad, Russia) in East Prussia.

      About 80,000 troops of Napoleon's Grand Army (including Polish, Dutch, Italian, and German units) confronted about 58,000 Russians under the command of General Leonty Leontyevich Bennigsen (Bennigsen, Leonty Leontyevich, Graf von). Most of the Russian troops crossed to the west bank of the Alle River at Friedland and early on June 14 attacked the seemingly isolated French corps of Marshal Jean Lannes (Lannes, Jean, duc de Montebello). Outnumbered by more than two to one, Lannes held off the Russian attacks, led by Prince P.I. Bagration, for nine hours while Napoleon concentrated his forces. At 5 PM Napoleon launched his main attack, employing about 65,000 men, and in two hours pushed the southern half of the Russian army back into the tiny village of Friedland. There, close-packed, they were cut down by volleys of canister and grapeshot fired by the French guns at close range. The Russians were either killed, captured, or driven into the river, since the bridges had earlier been destroyed by the French. The Russians lost about 19,000 men, and the French about 9,000. Bennigsen's army was shattered, and the next day his ally, the Prussian general Anton Lestocq, with about 25,000 men, abandoned Königsberg and retreated to Tilsit. The French occupied Königsberg.

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