Folsom complex

Folsom complex
Prehistoric culture of North America on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains that is known from stone tools.

It is characterized by leaf-shaped flint projectile points having a concave base with side projections and a longitudinal groove on each face. The complex was first identified at Folsom, N.M., U.S. It includes a variety of scrapers, knives, and blades and is generally dated to 8000–9000 BC. Like the earlier Clovis complex, it is considered to be part of a Paleo-Indian big-game hunting tradition.

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▪ ancient North American culture
      an early archaeological complex of North America, characterized by a distinct leaf-shaped projectile point called a Folsom point. The Folsom complex of artifacts, which also includes a variety of scrapers, knives, and blades, was one variety of the Paleo-Indian hunting cultures; it centred in the Great Plains and persisted from approximately 9000 to 8000 BC. Folsom people were generalized hunters and gatherers, although they also hunted a now-extinct form of giant bison (Bison antiquus). Much of the importance of the Folsom complex derives from the fact that the initial scholarly excavation at Folsom, N.M., in 1926 (the site was discovered in 1908), marked the first association in the Americas of man-made artifacts with the bones of Pleistocene megafauna, which was known to have died out approximately 10,000 years ago; until this discovery, scholarly consensus had held that humans did not reach the Americas until perhaps 4,000 years ago. (See also Clovis complex.)

      The classic Folsom point is more or less leaf-shaped, or lanceolate, with a concave base, projecting ears at the basal corners, and fluted sides. In addition, the Folsom complex includes unfluted points, blunt-tipped knives, scrapers, and bone tools. Most Folsom artifacts have been discovered in various parts of the Great Plains. The majority of datable artifacts seem to fall in the period between 9000 and 8000 BC.

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