Edgar the Aetheling

Edgar the Aetheling
born , Hungary
died с 1125

Anglo-Saxon prince.

He was proposed as king of England after the Battle of Hastings (1066) but instead served the Norman kings William I (the Conqueror) and William II. Rebellions in favour of the aetheling (prince) continued in England until 1069. Edgar led the Norman force sent by William I to conquer Apulia in southern Italy (1086) but was deprived of his Norman lands by William II in 1091. In 1097, on William's orders, he overthrew Donald Bane, a Scottish king hostile to the Normans. About 1102 he went on a Crusade to the Holy Land. He later unsuccessfully supported Robert Curthose, duke of Normandy, against Henry I in the struggle for the English throne.

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▪ Anglo-Saxon prince

born , Hungary
died c. 1125

      Anglo-Saxon prince, who, at the age of about 15, was proposed as king of England after the death of Harold II in the Battle of Hastings (Oct. 14, 1066) but instead served the first two Norman kings, William I, Harold's conqueror, and William II. His title of aetheling (an Anglo-Saxon prince, especially the heir apparent) indicates he was a prince of the royal family; he was a grandson of King Edmund II Ironside.

      After the Norman Conquest, Edgar submitted to William I, although the new king was occupied until 1069 in crushing rebellions in favour of the aetheling. Edgar lived in Scotland (1068–72) with his brother-in-law, King Malcolm III Canmore, and then went into exile when William and Malcolm came to terms. In 1074 he submitted to William again, and in 1086 he led a Norman force sent by William to conquer Apulia, in southern Italy.

      Under William II Rufus, Edgar was deprived of his Norman lands in 1091, giving Malcolm an excuse for raiding the north of England. Edgar then mediated between the two kings. In 1097, acting on William's orders, he overthrew Malcolm's brother and successor, Donald Bane, a foe of the Normans, and installed Malcolm's son Edgar on the throne of Scotland. About 1102 he went on a crusade to the Holy Land. He sided with Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy, against Henry I in the struggle for the English crown. Edgar was captured by Henry in the Battle of Tinchebrai (Sept. 28, 1106), was released, and spent the rest of his life in obscurity.

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