Draper, Ruth

Draper, Ruth
born Dec. 2, 1884, New York, N.Y., U.S.
died Dec. 30, 1956, New York City

U.S. monologist.

She began her career by writing dramatic sketches about people she had observed and performing them at parties. She made her New York debut (1917) in a series of one-act pieces. Her London debut (1920) established her as a master monologist. She performed worldwide, playing on a bare stage with few props and creating characters and settings by subtle modulation of feature, gesture, and voice.

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▪ American actress
born Dec. 2, 1884, New York, N.Y., U.S.
died Dec. 30, 1956, New York City
 American monologuist and monodramatist whose art was acclaimed throughout the United States and Europe.

      Draper was of a well-to-do family. Her career grew from a habit of writing sketches about persons she knew or had observed and performing them at parties. In 1911 she began performing professionally at clubs and schools. She appeared at the Neighborhood Playhouse in 1915 and in 1916 made her only appearance in a full-length play, A Lady's Name, at the Maxine Elliott Theatre.

      In 1917 Draper made her New York debut as a monologuist in a program of one-act pieces, all of which were failures except for the one she had written entitled The Actress. She thereafter performed only her own material. Her London debut in 1920 in a bill of her own works was a great success and established her as the preeminent practitioner of her art. An extensive tour of the United States in 1924–28 was punctuated by a command performance before King George V at Windsor Castle in 1926. In 1928–29 she played 18 consecutive weeks at the Comedy Theater in New York. She made several highly successful foreign tours in the 1930s and '40s between engagements in the United States and Great Britain.

  Draper's monologues and monodramas were delicately crafted works that revealed a deep understanding of human character, which she conveyed with great skill and deft suggestion. She used a minimum of stage props, no scenery, and little in the way of costume change, yet she could people the stage at will. Her repertory eventually grew to 39 pieces with such titles as Three Generations at a Court of Domestic Relations, At an English House Party, The Miner's Wife, A French Dressmaker, Opening a Bazaar, In County Kerry, The Italian Lesson, At an Art Exhibition, and Vive La France. In them she conjured up some 58 principal characters, endowing each with full individuality. A command of languages and dialects played a large part in her characterizations as well. She died a few days after a performance at the Playhouse Theatre in New York City. The Letters of Ruth Draper 1920–1956: A Self-Portrait of a Great Actress, edited by Neilla Warren, appeared in 1979.

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