formerly (1783–1926) Ekaterinoslav

City (pop., 2001: 3,567,600), south-central Ukraine.

Located on the Dnieper River, it was founded in 1783 and named for Catherine the Great; it grew after the railroad arrived in the 1880s. In 1926 the Soviets gave it its current name. A railway junction and a centre of the wheat trade, it has developed into one of the largest industrial cities of Ukraine, with a huge iron and steel industry. It is the site of institutes of higher education, and its cultural amenities include several theatres.

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Russian  Dnepropetrovsk,  formerly  (until 1926) Katerynoslav , or  Ekaterinoslav 

      city, south-central Ukraine. It lies along the Dnieper River, near its confluence with the Samara. The river was considerably widened by the construction of a dam about 50 miles (80 km) downstream. Founded in 1783 as Katerynoslav on the river's north bank, the settlement was moved to its present site on the south bank in 1786. The community was known as Novorosiysk from 1796 to 1802, when its old name was restored and it became a provincial centre. Despite the bridging of the Dnieper in 1796 and the growth of trade in the early 19th century, Katerynoslav remained small until industrialization began in the 1880s, when railways were built to Odessa, the Donets Basin, and Moscow. In 1926 the Soviets renamed it Dnipropetrovsk.

      Dnipropetrovsk became one of the largest industrial cities of Ukraine. With iron ore from Kryvyy Rih, manganese from Nikopol, coal from the Donets Basin, and electric power from the cascade of hydroelectric plants on the Dnieper, a huge iron and steel industry grew up in the city; and castings, plates, sheets, rails, tubes, and wire are among the goods that have been produced. Large engineering industries have made electric locomotives, agricultural machinery, mining and metallurgical equipment, presses, and other heavy machinery, as well as light-industrial machinery and radio equipment. Coke-based chemicals, tires, plastics, paint, clothing, footwear, foodstuffs, and other materials also have been produced. Dnipropetrovsk has a university and teaching institutes of mining, agriculture, chemical technology, metallurgy, medicine, and railway and constructional engineering. Cultural amenities include several theatres and a philharmonic hall. Newer suburbs have spread to the north bank. The neighbouring suburbs of Ihren (Igren) and Prydniprovsk (Pridneprovsk) were annexed in the 1970s. Pop. (2001) 1,065,008; (2005 est.) 1,056,497.

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