Cuyuni River

Cuyuni River
River, northern South America.

Rising in Venezuela and flowing through Guyana, it is about 350 mi (560 km) long and forms the border between Venezuela and Guyana for some 60 mi (100 km). It then flows southeast to join the Mazaruni River before entering the Essequibo River. Rapids impede navigation, but the river is important for its alluvial gold and diamonds. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983.

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      river in northern Guyana and eastern Venezuela, rising in the Guiana Highlands of Venezuela. It descends northward to El Dorado, Venezuela, where it turns eastward and meanders through the tropical rain forests of Guyana, forming the international boundary for approximately 60 mi (100 km). It turns southeastward, flowing to its confluence with the Mazaruni just above Bartica. Although the river is approximately 350 mi (560 km) long, rapids impede navigation. Its economic significance is less as a transportation artery than as a source of alluvial gold and diamonds.

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