Conway, Thomas

Conway, Thomas
born Feb. 27, 1735, Ireland
died с 1800

General of the U.S. army during the American Revolution.

Sent by France to aid the Revolutionary army, he fought in the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown, then was promoted to major general by Congress, against the advice of George Washington. Conway advocated Washington's replacement as commander in chief by Horatio Gates; his "plot," called the Conway Cabal, was exposed, and he was forced to resign.

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▪ French general
born February 27, 1735, Ireland
died c. 1800

      general during the American Revolution who advocated that George Washington (Washington, George) be replaced by Horatio Gates (Gates, Horatio) as the army's commander in chief.

      Conway moved from Ireland to France at age six. In 1749 he joined the French army, and by 1772 he held the rank of colonel. In 1776 Conway was recommended for service in the American army, and he arrived in the United States the following year. Appointed a brigadier general, he saw action at Brandywine (Brandywine, Battle of the) and Germantown (Germantown, Battle of). Although regarded as a skillful disciplinarian of infantry, Conway was refused promotion to major general—largely due to the opposition of George Washington, who believed that there were older officers more deserving of the rank.

      Conway then offered his resignation to Congress. Congress not only refused to accept it but commissioned him major general and—on the same day (December 14, 1777)—inspector general. Believing Congress lacked confidence in Washington, Conway launched a secret correspondence with General Horatio Gates, bolstering Gates's ambitions and criticizing Washington. The correspondence came to Washington's attention and the American commander wrote to both Conway and Gates (sending the Gates letter through Congress). With the “plot” exposed, congressional support for replacing Washington immediately evaporated. Although Conway himself played a minor role in the conspiracy, the entire event has been called the Conway Cabal.

      In 1778 Conway intrigued to be named second in command to Lafayette (Lafayette, Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, marquis de) during an expedition to Canada, but Lafayette refused to go along with the plan. Conway did accompany the expedition—but as third in command. On April 22, 1778, Conway again offered his resignation to Congress. This time, to his surprise, Congress accepted it.

      On July 4, 1778, in a duel brought on by his criticism of Washington, Conway was wounded. Believing himself about to die, he wrote a long letter of apology to Washington. But Conway recovered, returned to France, and rejoined the French army. He served in Flanders and India before returning to France after the start of the French Revolution. In 1793 he was forced to flee France because of support for the royalist cause. He died in exile.

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