Cerrito, Fanny

Cerrito, Fanny
orig. Francesca Teresa Giuseppa Raffaela Cerrito

born May 11, 1817, Naples, Italy
died May 6, 1909, Paris, Fr.

Italian ballerina and choreographer.

She made her debut in Naples (1832) and gained international fame in London (1840–48). She was known for the brilliance, strength, and vivacity of her dancing. Her greatest role was in Ondine (1843), created for her by Jules Perrot. Cerrito married her regular partner, Arthur Saint-Léon, in 1845. In 1854 she both choreographed and danced in Gemma at the Paris Opera. She retired in 1857. She was one of the few women in the 19th century to achieve distinction as a choreographer.

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▪ Italian dancer
in full  Francesca Teresa Giuseppa Raffaela Cerrito 
born May 11, 1817, Naples, Italy
died May 6, 1909, Paris, France

      ballerina noted for the brilliance, strength, and vivacity of her dancing, and one of the few women in the 19th century to achieve distinction as a choreographer.

      The daughter of an officer in the Neapolitan army, Fanny Cerrito was trained in the ballet school of the San Carlo opera house, latterly under the supervision of Salvatore Taglioni. She made her first stage appearance in 1832 and quickly established a reputation in Italy as a future star of the ballet. In 1836–37 her fame began to spread beyond Italy when she appeared in Vienna, where she revealed a creative side to her talent by arranging some of her own dances. Between 1838 and 1840, engaged as principal ballerina at La Scala in Milan, she attracted still wider attention. The French writer Alfred de Musset (Musset, Alfred de) worked her into one of his poems, and the director of the Paris Opéra hurried to see her, only to be forestalled by a rival impresario from London.

      For nine successive seasons, from 1840 to 1848, Cerrito was an acclaimed dancer at Her Majesty's Theatre, and London society took her to their hearts. These seasons, when her airy and ebullient style was at its most captivating, coincided with the engagement as ballet master of Jules Perrot (Perrot, Jules), who produced a series of successful ballets for her, including Alma (1842), for which she herself arranged several dances, Ondine (1843), and Lalla Rookh (1846). Perrot also created four multi-stellar works featuring Cerrito: Pas de quatre (1845), Le Jugement de Pâris (1846), Les Éléments (1847), and Les Quatre Saisons (1848). In 1845 her choreographic talent was recognized when she presented a ballet of her own composition, Rosida.

      In Vienna, on a single occasion in 1841, she had danced in a pas de deux with a promising newcomer, Arthur Saint-Léon (Saint-Léon, Arthur). In 1843 their paths crossed again in London, where he became her regular partner and, in 1845, her husband. From 1847 to 1851 the couple were engaged at the Paris Opéra, where Saint-Léon created Le Violon du diable (1849) for her. Between London seasons Cerrito and Saint-Léon toured widely; Italy was a frequent venue, but their travels also took them as far afield as Brussels, Berlin, and Pest, Hungary.

      The couple separated in 1851, both maritally and professionally. Cerrito returned to the Opéra in 1852 and remained attached to that theatre until 1855. In 1854 she both choreographed and danced in Gemma, a ballet with a scenario written by Théophile Gautier (Gautier, Théophile). In 1855–56 she visited St. Petersburg, where Perrot produced a major ballet, Armida, for her. It was there that she narrowly escaped from a falling piece of burning scenery, an event that is believed to have precipitated her decision to retire. Her last appearances appropriately took place in London, the scene of her early conquests, in 1857.

      Cerrito retired to live the rest of her life in Paris, where she brought up her daughter, Matilde, the fruit of a liaison with a Spanish grandee, the marqués de Bedmar. Her death in 1909 passed quite unnoticed in the Paris press.

Isabella Gordon

Additional Reading
Ivor Forbes Guest, Fanny Cerrito: The Life of a Romantic Ballerina, 2nd rev. ed. (1974).

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