Calatrava, Order of

Calatrava, Order of
Oldest military and religious order in Spain.

It was founded in 1158 by two Cistercian monks who proclaimed a holy Crusade to defend the city of Calatrava against the Moors. By the 15th century the order had 200,000 members and became increasingly involved in Castilian domestic politics. In 1489 it was incorporated into the crown by Ferdinand V and Isabella I, who deemed that all private armies had outserved their usefulness. It remained an honorary association of Spanish nobles until its dissolution in the 19th century.

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▪ Spanish military order
in full  Military Order of Calatrava,  Spanish  Orden Militar de Calatrava, 

      major military and religious order in Spain. The order was originated in 1158 when King Sancho III of Castile ceded the fortress of Calatrava to Raymond, abbot of the Cistercian monastery of Fitero, with instructions to defend it against the Moors. The order of knights and monks who defended the fort was formally recognized by the pope in 1164, and it became closely affiliated with the Cistercian abbey of Morimond in 1187.

      The order's headquarters, Calatrava, which lay along the Guadiana River in southwestern Castile, fell to the Moors in 1195 but was retaken by the knights in 1212. The order participated in the Christian Reconquest of Andalusia and was rewarded with grants of land in both Castile and Aragon. By the 15th century it had a membership of 200,000 and an annual income of 45,000 ducats. As the pace of the Reconquest slowed, the order became increasingly involved in Castilian domestic politics. To neutralize this potential threat to the crown, the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, with papal sanction, took over the administration of the order in 1489. From then until its dissolution in the 19th century, the order was little more than an honorary association of Spanish nobles.

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