Black Aesthetic movement

Black Aesthetic movement
or Black Arts movement

Period of artistic and literary development among black Americans in the 1960s and early '70s.

Based on the cultural politics of black nationalism, the movement sought to create art forms capable of expressing the varieties of black experience in the U.S. Leading theorists included Amiri Baraka, Houston Baker (b. 1943), and Henry Louis Gates. Don L. Lee (b. 1942), known as Haki R. Madhubuti after 1973, was one of its most popular writers; other notable writers included Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and Ntozake Shange (b. 1948). The movement also produced such autobiographical works as The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965; with Alex Haley), Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice (1968), and Angela Davis: An Autobiography (1974).

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also called  black arts movement 

      period of artistic and literary development among black Americans in the 1960s and early '70s.

      Based on the cultural politics of black nationalism, the movement sought to create a populist art form to promote the idea of black separatism. Many adherents viewed the artist as an activist responsible for the formation of racially separate publishing houses, theatre troupes, and study groups. The literature of the movement, generally written in black English vernacular and confrontational in tone, addressed such issues as interracial tension, sociopolitical awareness, and the relevance of African history and culture to blacks in the United States.

      Leading theorists of the black aesthetic movement included Houston A. Baker, Jr. (Baker, Houston A., Jr.); Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (Gates, Henry Louis, Jr.); Addison Gayle, Jr., editor of the anthology The Black Aesthetic (1971); Hoyt W. Fuller, editor of the journal Negro Digest (which became Black World in 1970); and LeRoi Jones and Larry Neal, editors of Black Fire: An Anthology of Afro-American Writing (1968). Jones, later known as Amiri Baraka (Baraka, Amiri), wrote the critically acclaimed play Dutchman (1964) and founded the Black Arts Repertory Theatre in Harlem (1965). Haki R. Madhubuti (Madhubuti, Haki R.), known as Don L. Lee until 1973, became one of the movement's most popular writers with the publication of Think Black (1967) and Black Pride (1968).

      Characterized by an acute self-awareness, the movement produced such autobiographical works as The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965) by Alex Haley (Haley, Alex), Soul On Ice (1968) by Eldridge Cleaver (Cleaver, Eldridge), and Angela Davis (Davis, Angela): An Autobiography (1974). Other notable writers were Toni Morrison (Morrison, Toni), Ishmael Reed (Reed, Ishmael), Ntozake Shange (Shange, Ntozake), Sonia Sanchez (Sanchez, Sonia), Alice Walker (Walker, Alice), and June Jordan (Jordan, June).

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