Babington, Anthony

Babington, Anthony
born October 1561, Dethick, Derbyshire, Eng.
died Sept. 20, 1586, London

English conspirator.

Raised secretly as a Catholic, Babington was joined by the priest John Ballard in the unsuccessful "Babington Plot" to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I and install her prisoner, Mary, Queen of Scots, on the English throne. The conspiracy included many Roman Catholics, and Philip II of Spain promised to provide immediate assistance after the assassination. Babington was imprisoned and executed after the interception of an exchange of letters with Mary explaining his plans. The letters were also used as evidence supporting the execution of Mary the following year.

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▪ English conspirator
born , October 1561, Dethick, Derbyshire, Eng.
died Sept. 20, 1586, London

      English conspirator, a leader of the unsuccessful “Babington Plot” to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I and install Elizabeth's prisoner, the Roman Catholic Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, on the English throne.

      The son of Henry Babington of Derbyshire, he was brought up secretly a Roman Catholic. As a youth he served at Sheffield as page to the Earl of Shrewsbury, keeper of Mary Stuart, for whom he early felt an ardent devotion. In 1580 he went to London, attended the court of Elizabeth I, and joined the secret society supporting the Jesuit missionaries. In 1582, after the execution of Edmund Campion, he withdrew to Derbyshire and later went abroad. He became associated at Paris with Mary's supporters, who were planning her release with the help of Spain, and on his return he was entrusted with letters for her. In May 1586 he was joined by the priest John Ballard in the plot which generally bears his name.

      The conspiracy, in its general purpose of destroying the government, included many Roman Catholics and had ramifications all over the country. Philip II of Spain promised immediate assistance with an expedition after the assassination of the queen was effected. Babington wrote to Mary explaining his plans, but his letters and her reply were intercepted by the spies of Elizabeth's secretary Sir Francis Walsingham (Walsingham, Sir Francis). On August 4 Ballard was seized and betrayed his comrades, probably under torture. Babington had already applied for a passport abroad, for the ostensible purpose of spying upon the refugees but, in reality, to organize the foreign expedition and secure his own safety. The passport being delayed, he offered to reveal to Walsingham a dangerous conspiracy, but the latter sent no reply, and meanwhile the ports were closed.

      Shortly afterward, Babington is said to have observed a memorandum of Walsingham's concerning himself while in the company of the minister's servants. Thereupon he fled to St. John's Wood and, after disguising himself, succeeded in reaching Harrow, where he was sheltered by a Roman Catholic convert. Toward the end of August he was discovered and imprisoned in the Tower of London. On September 13–14 he was tried with Ballard and five others by a special commission; he confessed his guilt but strove to place all the blame upon Ballard. All were condemned to death for high treason. On September 19 he wrote to Elizabeth praying for mercy and, the same day, offered £1,000 for procuring his pardon; the next day he was executed with great barbarity in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Mary Stuart was put to death on Feb. 8, 1587.

      The historical significance of the Babington Plot lies in its implication of Mary Stuart. The only positive documentary proof that Mary had knowledge of the intended assassination of Elizabeth is in a postscript to her final answer to Babington. The authenticity of this postscript has been challenged, but it is argued that Mary's circumstances, together with the tenor of her correspondence with Babington, place her complicity beyond all reasonable doubt.

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