American Airlines

American Airlines
Major U.S. airline.

American was created through a merger of several smaller U.S. airlines and incorporated in 1934. It continued to buy the routes of other airlines, becoming an international carrier in the 1970s; its routes include South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the western Pacific. Its parent company, AMR Corp., also has holdings in food services, hotels, and airport ground services. The company acquired Trans World Airlines in 2001.

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▪ American company
      major American airline serving cities in several states of the continental United States and in Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the western Pacific. Its parent, or holding, company, AMR Corp. (created in 1982), also has holdings in food-catering services, hotels and inns, airport ground-transportation and baggage-handling services, airport maintenance services, and other related businesses. Corporate headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas.

      American Airlines developed over the years out of the union or merger of some 85 companies. Two nucleate companies were Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport. Robertson Aircraft, first organized in 1921 in Missouri as a general flying service and manufacturer, flew its first mail route on April 15, 1926, between Chicago and St. Louis, Missouri; the pilot on the first flight was Charles A. Lindbergh (Lindbergh, Charles A.). Colonial Air, which developed out of a charter service called The Bee Line formed in 1923, flew mail between New York City and Boston, beginning June 18, 1926. In 1929 these airlines were combined under a holding company, The Aviation Corporation, which was reorganized as an operating company and renamed American Airways, Inc., in 1930. In that year, in the amalgamation of several airlines, the company had routes extending from Boston and New York City to San Diego and Los Angeles, via Cleveland and Kansas City. In 1934, when most American airlines were compelled to reorganize because of new congressional guidelines and the loss of mail contracts, the company thoroughly reworked its routes into an integrated system and was renamed and reincorporated as American Airlines, Inc. Cyrus Rowlett Smith was elected president in that year and, as president or chairman of the board, guided the company's fortunes until 1968, when he became U.S. secretary of commerce. Returning briefly as chief executive officer in 1973, he retired in 1974.

      The airline expanded greatly from the 1970s to the '90s, developing from a basically domestic American airline into an international carrier reaching the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and the Pacific, largely by buying routes of other airlines. In 2001 it acquired the American carrier Trans World Airlines, Inc (Trans World Airlines, Inc.).

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