wurtzitic /weuhrt sit"ik/, adj.
/werrt"suyt/, n. Mineral.
a dimorph of sphalerite, zinc sulfide, ZnS, similar in structure to greenockite and brownish-black in color.
[1865-70; < F, named after Charles Wurtz (1817-84), French chemist; see -ITE1]

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      a zinc sulfide mineral that occurs typically in Potosí, Bolivia; Butte, Mont.; and Goldfield, Nev. It is a rare and unstable (at temperatures below 1,020° C, [1,870° F]) hexagonally symmetrical modification of sphalerite, to which it inverts crystallographically; it may be made artificially from sphalerite by rapid cooling from 1,020° C. For detailed physical properties, see sulfide mineral (table).

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