wood duck

wood duck
a North American duck, Aix sponsa, that nests in trees, the male of which has a long crest and black, chestnut, green, purple, and white plumage.
[1770-80, Amer.]

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North American duck (Aix sponsa, family Anatidae); a popular game bird.

Wood ducks, 17–21 in. (43–52 cm) long, nest in a tree cavity up to 50 ft (15 m) off the ground; they have long-clawed toes for perching. Both sexes have a head crest in winter. The beautifully coloured male has a purple and green head, red-brown breast flecked with white, and bronze sides; the female has a white eye ring and duller colouring. Ducklings eat aquatic insects and other small organisms; adults prefer acorns or other nuts. Hunted nearly to extinction for its flesh and feathers, it has been restored to healthy populations by strong conservation efforts.

Drake wood duck (Aix sponsa)

Grant Heilman

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also called  Woodie 

      (Aix sponsa), small colourful North American perching duck (family Anatidae), a popular game bird. Once in danger of extinction from overhunting and habitat destruction, the species has been saved by diligent conservation efforts. Wood ducks nest in tree cavities up to 15 metres (50 feet) off the ground. The construction of artificial nest boxes, placed atop poles over and about bodies of water, was instrumental in halting the decline of breeding populations.

      The wood duck is about 43–52 centimetres (17–20.5 inches) long. Both male and female have a characteristic head crest (absent in eclipse—or summer—plumage). The crest of the male has two longitudinal white stripes. His purple and green head, red-brown breast flecked with white, and bronze sides are readily identifiable. The distinguishing feature of the female is a white eye-ring; her body is a sooty gray-brown, with white throat and white streaked breast. An average clutch contains about 12 eggs; the ducklings hatch in about 30 days, and the next day they follow the female from the nest, jumping as far as 15 m to the ground unharmed. The ducklings eat aquatic insects and other small organisms; adult woodies prefer acorns—or other nuts, depending on habit—to other foods.

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