witch hazel

witch hazel
/wich" hay'zeuhl/
1. a shrub, Hamamelis virginiana, of eastern North America, having toothed, egg-shaped leaves and small, yellow flowers. Cf. witch hazel family.
2. a liquid extraction from the leaves or bark of this plant mixed with water and alcohol, used externally as a liniment for inflammations and bruises and as an astringent.
[1535-45; witch, var. of wych (see WYCH ELM)]

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 any of six species of the genus Hamamelis (family Hamamelidaceae), all of which are shrubs and small trees that are native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. Some are grown for their yellow flowers, with four narrow, twisted ribbonlike petals, borne on warm winter days or in early spring. Witch hazels produce small clusters of four-petalled flowers borne close to the branches and have deciduous, prominently veined, oval, toothed leaves.

      American, or common, witch hazel (H. virginiana), up to 4 1/2 metres (15 feet) tall, bears its flowers in late fall, with the explosive fruits ripening in the following year. Its yellow, cuplike calyx (the collection of sepals) persists through the winter. The common name refers to the forked twigs that were sometimes used for water-witching or dowsing to locate underground water. The fragrant liniment witch hazel is made from the dried leaves and sometimes from the twigs and bark. Vernal witch hazel (H. vernalis), about two metres tall, blooms in late winter or early spring.

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