White Sea

White Sea
an arm of the Arctic Ocean, in the NW Russian Federation in Europe. ab. 36,000 sq. mi. (93,240 sq. km).

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Sea, extension of the Arctic Ocean, northwestern Russia.

Almost landlocked, it is connected to the more northerly Barents Sea by a long, narrow strait known as the Gorlo. It covers an area of approximately 35,000 sq mi (90,000 sq km) and has a maximum depth of 1,115 ft (340 m). Rivers, including the Northern Dvina and Onega, flow into it. An important transportation route, it remains navigable year-round with the help of icebreakers in winter. Arkhangelsk is one of the principal ports.

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Russian  Beloye More, Beloye  also spelled  Beloje,  

      an almost landlocked extension of the Arctic Ocean indenting the shores of northwestern Russia. It is connected to the more northerly Barents Sea by a long, narrow strait known as the Gorlo (throat). The boundary between the two seas runs along a line joining Cape Kanin Nos and Cape Svyatoy Nos. The area of the White Sea is approximately 35,000 square miles (90,000 square km). Its mean depth is 200 feet (60 m), and its maximum depth is 1,115 feet (340 m) in the northeast part of the Kandalaksha Inlet.

      The sea's irregular shape is formed by the large Kandalaksha, Onega, Dvina, and Mezen gulfs. The largest islands in the sea are Solovetskiye, at the entrance to Onega Bay; Morzhovy, at the entrance to the Gorlo Strait; and Mudyuga, at the entrance to Dvina Bay. The sea's northwest shores are bordered by steep cliffs; the southeast shores are low and flat. Rivers flowing into the sea include the Northern Dvina, Mezen, Onega, Vyg, Niva, Umba, Varzuga, and Ponoy.

      The White Sea is situated on a continental shelf whose present form appears as a land's-end depression on the slope of the ancient structural block known as the Baltic Shield. The bottom of the sea is badly broken up. In the northwest lies the Kandalaksha Hollow with its sharply formed sides that apparently originated as a fault. In the southern portion is an elevation known as the Solovets Islands. Many small underwater elevations are found in the Onega Inlet. Sandy underwater ridges, created by inflowing currents, prevail in the Gorlo Strait, Voronka, and the Mezen mouth. The sea's chief hollow is separated from the Barents Sea by a sill 130 feet deep, which restricts deepwater exchange between the two bodies of water.

      The White Sea contains more than 700 species of multicellular invertebrates, about 60 species of fish, and 5 species of marine mammals. The fishing industry is relatively small, however. Of greatest value as food are the lysun (a kind of Greenland seal) and herring.

      The region's economic value derives from the rich neighbouring land, which is heavily forested, and from the elaborate river network that connects remoter regions with the sea. The White Sea is an important route connecting the economically active portions of northwestern Russia with Russia's Far Eastern ports and with foreign countries. It is also linked to the water transportation system of European Russia by the White Sea–Baltic Canal, which empties into Lake Onega. Here it meets the Volga-Baltic Waterway, which facilitates shipping from the Baltic, Black, Caspian, and Azov seas. The principal ports along the White Sea are Arkhangelsk, Belomorsk, Onega, Mezen, Kem, Kandalaksha, and Umba. With the help of icebreakers in winter, navigation continues year-round.

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