/hwip"lash', wip"-/, n.
1. the lash of a whip.
2. an abrupt snapping motion or change of direction resembling the lash of a whip.
3. Also, whiplash injury. a neck injury caused by a sudden jerking backward, forward, or both, of the head: Whiplash resulted when their car was struck from behind.
4. Also called whiplash curve. a connected series of reverse curves of more or less elliptical form, used as a major design motif in the Art Nouveau style.
5. to beat, hit, throw, etc., with or as if with a whiplash.
6. to affect adversely, as by a sudden change: new taxes whiplashing corporate earnings.
[1565-75; 1950-55 for def. 6; WHIP + LASH1]

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▪ cervical spine injury
      injury to the cervical spine and its soft tissues caused by forceful flexion or extension of the neck, especially that occurring during an automobile accident. It may involve sprain, fracture, or dislocation and may vary greatly in location, extent, and degree. Sometimes it is accompanied by concussion. Whiplash is characterized by pain, muscle spasm, and limited motion. Treatment includes protective support for the neck and back and sometimes the attachment of weights to the head or legs to stretch the injured muscles and relieve pressure on nerves.

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