Welsh corgi

Welsh corgi
one of either of two Welsh breeds of dogs having short legs, erect ears, and a foxlike head. Cf. Cardigan (def. 2), Pembroke (def. 3).

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Either of two breeds of cattle dogs.

The Cardigan Welsh corgi was developed from relatives of the dachshund that Celts brought to Wales с 1200 BC. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is descended from sled-dog stock brought to Wales about 1100 by Flemish weavers. Both have short legs, a foxlike head, and erect ears, and both stand 10–12 in. (25–30 cm) tall and weigh 25–38 lb (11–17 kg). The Cardigan has a long tail and rounded ears; the Pembroke has a short tail and pointed ears. The Cardigan's coarser coat can be solid-coloured, tricoloured, or mottled; the Pembroke is solid-or bicoloured.

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      either of two breeds of working dogs (dog) developed to handle cattle. They are similar in appearance but are of different origins. Their resemblance results from crosses between the two breeds.

  The Cardigan Welsh corgi (see photograph—>), named for Cardiganshire, can be traced back to dogs brought to Wales by the Celts about 1200 BC. The original type was known as the Bronant and was related to the progenitors of the dachshund. The Pembroke Welsh corgi (see photograph—>), of Pembrokeshire, is descended from dogs brought to Wales by Flemish weavers about AD 1100. The ancestors of the Pembroke belonged to the group that produced the keeshond, Pomeranian, and Samoyed. The corgi gained exposure from its association with the royal family of Britain; Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) has had corgis since her childhood.

      Both Welsh corgis are small, short-legged dogs with foxlike heads and erect ears. The Cardigan has a long tail and ears that are rounded at the tips, while the Pembroke has a short tail and pointed ears. Both are hardy, able farm dogs and good guards and companions. They stand about 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30.5 cm) and weigh 25 to 38 pounds (11 to 17 kg). The Cardigan has a short to medium-long coat of reddish brown, brindle, black with tan or white, or blue-gray with black mottling. The Pembroke has a more finely textured coat of reddish or grayish brown or of black-and-tan. Both breeds may have white markings.

       Selected breeds of herding dogsSee the table (Selected breeds of herding dogs) of selected breeds of herding dogs for further information.

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